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768Play provides you online game services. You can online operate the real machines which like Claw Machine, Scissors Cutting and Happy Pusher to obtain fancy prizes. And all the prizes will be free delivered to your address.

How to start?

1.It is free to register for membership, and create an account. Fill in your email address and receiving address.

2.Purchase the top up amount, and get the CP.

3.At home page, it shows the CP amount per game at the right bottom of prize picture.

How to play the games?

At home page, Choose the machine type and click it, then you will be into game page.

1.Click “Reserve a session”.

2.Click “Start”.

3.Use “Front Back Left Right” to operate.

4.Once you make sure the position, click “Catch”.

5.You win the prize, if it fell off in front of the camera.

6.The prize obtained will be free delivered to your address.

​7.For other questions, you may go to “FAQ” of “Help Center”.