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Once you obtained a prize during a game, it will alert automatically. Virtual product, will be released automatically. Actual product will be delivered to your address.

1. Click user name at home page to get in your account.

2. Click “Shipping Address” to fill in your receiving address.

3. After you fill in the shipping address & confirm for shipment. We will ship out your prize automatically according to the address you provided to us in 72 hours. You can easily go to “The Prize need to be shipped”, and click “Ship Now”

4. Arrange shipment from “Prize Waiting”. For Shipment, after obtaining a prize.

5. After shipping arrangement, you may check the delivery status from “Obtained Prizes & Shipping Record”.

6. After receiving your shipping request, we will prepare your prize and ship it out.

7. Just top up one time, and you will enjoy free shipment during the event period. The event will be end by 30th Dec'2018. Otherwise you may also request for payable shipment.

8. If your address is empty or wrong, it will cause unsuccessful shipment. Pls be noted that we can only keep your prize for 3 days. So pls arrange shipment as soon as possible within 3 days.

9. If you need to change address, pls change it before you geeting next prize. Or else we will send out your prize according to the address you provided.

10. One Time Password for Steam wallet top-up will send to your email.

11. CP will top up to your account directly.

12.Free shipping is not appliable for South America & Africa. If needs shipping, Please email us for consulting the charges.