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  • Q:How to register? fold

  • Q:My email couldn’t register? unfold

    Some emails are can’t be used. If it happened, or it has been registered, please use a new email to register.

  • Q:When to fill in the delivery address or changing delivery address?fold

  • Q:What is Coupon or Tool?fold


  • Q:How much is it for one game?fold

  • Q:There is no winning record, but the prize has been fell out. fold

  • Q:The player queuing front of me gave up, but it is still not my turn ?fold

  • Q:Pressed the button, but no movement at all?fold

  • Q:CP or Coupon went down automatically?fold

  • Q:Are all the machines sharing the same way to play?fold

  • Q:Webpage error or game video can not be played ?fold


  • Q:How to choose your favorite prize after winning? fold

  • Q:Is the prize delivery free?fold

    Yes. The prize you obtained in valid period is free delivery to your address.

  • Q:Which countries can be deliveried to ?fold

  • Q:Where is the place of prize departure? How often is the interval for prize delivery?fold

  • Q:When the prize will be arrived?fold

  • Q:Not arrived yet, but record shows it has been sent out?fold

Top up

  • Q:Where to top up?fold

  • Q:How to know whether top up successfully?fold

  • Q:How to check my “CP” amount & usage record?fold